Brand :  M.CONTI
Manager :  Bill He
Phone :  0755-8384 2048
Fax :  0755-8384 2051 
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Line of presetters was created to supply a high performance instrument for an increasingly demanding market. Extreme precision and high performance for tools up to 1000mm high.

As always, in M.CONTI tradition, the Software Interface is easy and user friendly. Anyone will be able to check tool parameters easily and efficiently.

The Universal Blocking System is born out of years of presetting experience. It can guarantee maximum precision even with big dimension tools.

Fast and intuitive M.CONTI has managed to put in the SP40 high end performance along with ease of use that makes this the ideal presetter for everyone.

The high definition camera has micrometric precision, it captures profiles and tool geometry. The LED lighting system makes it also possible to view tool and insert surfaces with great clarity and crisp definition.

Designed and constructed with attention to detail, components and materials are of the highest quality and supersized to offer constant accuracy and precision for long years to come.

Technical specifications

  • Entirely made in carbon steel it ensures greater strength and hardness for improved strength and dimensional stability in time
  • Movement of X and Z axis is guaranteed by 4 linear guides with four-row linear recirculating ball bearing with 6 preloaded slides
  • Independent pneumatic docking system for X and Z axis
  • High precision micrometric movement
  • Optical scales with micron precision on X and Z axis
  • Cone bush with UCS (Universal Clamping System)
  • Calibration spheres integrated on cone bush
  • Cone bush block with high oprecision axial breaking system
  • Index function with 4 angular positions on cone bush (optional)
  • 19 flat screen
  • Standard PC inside presetter
  • User friendly software entirely developed by M.CONTI
  • Automatic identification of tool height and radius in seconds
  • Complex tool geometry measurement
  • Determine height and radius of inserts in multiprofile tools
  • Real View function to view tool surface
  • USB ports and LAN connections for maximum connections and data tranese with company LAN >/li>
  • Post Processor
  • C-MOS HD camera with telecentric lenses
  • Radial LED lights for Real View
  • Measurable tool heights 600mm / 800mm / 1000mm
  • Dimensioni 1150x520x1940mm (z600 model)
  • Weight 450Kg./ 500Kg. / 550Kg.

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