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KMS VERSA-Plus measurement system
KMS VERSA-Plus measurement system 

The IAG VERSA Plus combines in a single system the wide range of options offered by FTIR technology with the reliability of standard measurement technology.

The outstanding features of the IAG VERSA Plus include ease of use, large dynamic measurement range, precise gas feed, maintenance-friendliness and the flexibility offered by the IAG module system.

Technical data

Dimensions: 900x600x1950mm
Purge gas: Nitrogen 5.0 or
treated compressed air
Analyzers: FTIR, NDIR, PMA, FID, CLD, etc.
Compressed air supply: 5 bar, dry and oil-free
Power supply: 400V / 16A CEE


Analyzer modules to customer specifications                                                                                 Portable use                                                                                                                                        Highest levels of measurement precision                                                                                              Flexible setupLow operating costs                                                                                                       Particularly maintenance-friendly   


Integration of a wide variety of analyzers                                                                                           Direct input port for FTIR measurement                                                                                             Liquid nitrogen automatic refill                                                                                                            Integrated purge gas generator                                                                                                             Air-conditioning device for high ambient temperatures                                                                        Gas removal with condensate reservoir                                                                                               Integration of sampling systems                                                                                                           Automated linearity check 



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