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FAS FTIR-Analyser system
FAS FTIR-Analyser system

The IAG VERSA demonstrates how the potential of FTIR technology is consistently being exploited. Whether you need careful gas flow to achieve the highest dynamics and measurement precision, or you are looking for simple operational guidance, or you have multiple integration options in your existing test bench environment - we can release the full technical potential for every area of activity to create the optimum device for any purpose.

Despite the many features that the system offers in such a small volume, it still delivers reliability and service-friendliness without technically detailed solutions. This guarantees high availability and low operating costs, optimising your use of resources.

Based on our years of experience in treating sample gas, one of this systems greatest strengths is its ability to analyse even gas components that are hard to detect.

Technical data:

Dimensions: 900x600x1260mm
Sampling rate: 1Hz / 5Hz
Sample flow rate: 8-10 l/min or 12-15l/min
Sample flow 5Hz: 20-25l/min
Sample "ow adjustable: 3-10l/min or 4-15l/min
Sample flow 5Hz adj.: 5-25l/min
Purge gas: Nitrogen 5.0 or puri!ed air
Detector: MCT
Gas cell: 5.11 m path length, 200ml
Gas cell temperature: 190C
Compressed air supply: 5 bar, dry and oil-free
Voltage supply: 400V / 16A CEE



Fixed calibration                                                                                                                                 Compact dimensions                                                                                                                               No fixed location                                                                                                                                   Highest levels of measurement precision                                                                                         Flexible setup                                                                                                                                          Low operating costs                                                                                                                            Particularly maintenance friendly



Integration of additional analysers e.g. for HC or O2 measurement                                                  Liquid nitrogen automatic refill                                                                                                                 Integrated purge gas generator                                                                                                              Air-conditioning device for high ambient temperatures                                                                        Gas removal with condensate reservoir                                                                                                Integration of sampling systems 




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