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VFS-Prefilter system
VFS-Prefilter system

The VFS is an extremely compact, autonomous multi sample filter for flexible construction of a wide range of test set-ups. Connection to the VFS is simplified by a control unit that is integrated into the device and carries out all internal control and regulation tasks as well as communication with the test cell environment. For this reason the VFS is ideal as a replacement for older, maintenance-heavy pre-filter modules. Thanks to its versatility, it can be added to the test cell with limited modification work. - An investment that quickly pays for itself. The VFS has extremely uniform heating and an optimized gas feed that guarantees the greatest precision with measurement results.

The VFS is fitted with an NC pressure governor for max. 50mBar outlet pressure with an inlet pressure of up to 6bar. Furthermore the device has a backflushable filter chamber with an inbuilt purge air outlet plus a test gas inlet. All inbound sample gas lines can be separately backwashed. All IAG devices use the same bit coding.

SCP (System-control-panel)


Parameterisation is very simple to carry out via an SCP (system control panel). The SCP autonomously recognizes which device it is connected to and enables every device parameter to be set via an extremely clear, self-explanatory display on a 5.7 touch screen. The SCP is also available as a simple software tool. This means that the VFS can be connected directly to an internal network and controlled or configured from any PC. Control can optionally be bit parallel or via Modbus TCP.

If an VFS is connected to an IAG measuring unit, configuration and monitoring can be carried out via the measuring unit display.


Technical data

1/2/4 inlet housing dimensions: 235x380/405/470x160mm
Gas connectors: 8mm cutting ring
Communication: bit parallel; Modbus TCP; AK
or via system control panel
Heated line connections: 693 6+Pe connectors
Standard pin assignment: 1-L,2-TC+,5-TC-,6-N
Voltage supply: 400V/max.3700W
Mains cable: 3 metre CEE 16A
Appliance inlet: 694 3+Pe connector



Extremely compact                                                                                                                                      1 to 4 sample gas inlets                                                                                                                            Up to 6bar inlet pressure                                                                                                                     Integrated NC pressure governor                                                                                                             Filter flushing via purge air outlet                                                                                                       Calibration gas feed                                                                                                                                  Heat control for 6 heated lines


Control of 1 sample gas pump                                                                                                             Control of heated/cooled lines                                                                                                                    Pt100 heat regulator                                                                                                                         Network control via Modbus TCP                                                                                                             Bit parallel control                                                                                                                                    AK control via IAG AK converter 



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