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TC10 - Portable Truck and Rail Access Fall Protection Platform

Give your operators safe access to hatches with our fall protection platform.

Operators will be able to access hatches safely with Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC Truck Access Fall Protection Platforms. If your workers need to access the tops of trucks and rail cars of all different sizes and type during loading and unloading, the Truck Access and Rail Access Fall Protection Platforms are just what you are looking for. The TC10 is available with many options, depending on the kind of vehicle you need to access, the kind of work performed, and the space available at your facility.

Accessing tanker trucks with no handrails around the hatch? The TC10 has a handrail option for you. Accessing tank cars that have a crashbox? We’ve got that covered as well. Need a walk surface? The TC10 has that option too. Do you need the TC10 to have forklift tubes so it can be moved quickly around the plant to be used at multiple locations? Do you need the platform and stair to be oriented sideways from the direction the base travels? Wondering why we ask so many questions? Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC can design a solution to fit your needs. We simply need to know what they are.


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