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Ion Air Jet

Ion Air Jet?

Ion Air Jet

EXAIR´s Ion Air Jet delivers a concentrated airflow that can cover a precise spot without disturbing other areas. This quiet, focused airstream provides incredibly fast static decay rates and cleaning ability. The Ion Air Jet is the ideal way to remove static and dust from small parts prior to shrink wrapping, packaging, printing, painting or finishing.

The Ion Air Jet induces surrounding airflow at a ratio of 5:1, minimizing compressed air use and maximizing ionized airflow. Force can be adjusted from a "blast" to a "breeze".

For permanent mount applications, the compact Ion Air Jet is the best choice since it is lightweight and easy to install using the 1/8 NPT male inlet. For applications where frequent repositioning is required, the flexible Stay Set Ion Air Jet is ideal. This version can be placed in close proximity and the hose bent to aim the ionized airstream at a specific point. Since the hose has "memory" it will not creep or bend, always keeping the aim until physically moved to the next position.


  • Three dimensional parts
  • Bottle cleaning
  • Screen printing
  • Shrink bands
  • Ink jet printing
  • Part cleaning
  • Package cleaning


  • Low cost
  • Rapid static decay
  • Quiet
  • Shockless, non-radioactive
  • Compact, rugged, easy to install
  • Stay Set Hose for accurate placement
  • Low air consumption
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