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Single Case PD Flowmeters

Main features / Benefits:


Excellent Accuracy and Repeatability: Accuracy : ±0,15% for fiscal applications and± 0,5% for general purpose. Repeatability: ± 0,02%.

Low Pressure Drop: The straight-through path and floating rotor design create a very low pressure drop at maximum flow.

Compact Design: No upstream or downstream pipe lengths are necessary. Pocketless version available.

Long Service Life: The rotors are not in contact with one another or the housing. Therefore, there is little wear due to throughput. Plus the magnetic transmission of the rotors movement eliminates the maintenance and product leakage associated with a mechanical linkage method.

Production Line:

Flange size 1” ÷ 4”;

Max. pressure 10 bar;

Max. temperature 100 °C.

Materials of Construction: A broad range of materials are available to meet customer application requirements.

Wide Range of Accessories: A complete line of accessories are available to meet a broad range of applications.

Conformity with International Standards: PED, ATEX, OIML R117, ISO 9001, ISO 14001

International Approvals for Fiscal Applications: CEE Approval, Indonesian Approval (MIGAS), Russian Approval, Nigerian Approval (DPR), Chinese Approval (CPA), Hellenic Metrological Approval.


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