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Double Case PD Flowmeters

Main Features


Excellent Accuracy and Repeatability:

Accuracy : ± 0,15% for fiscal applications and ± 0,5%

for general purpose.

Repeatability: ± 0,02%.

Low Pressure Drop: The straight-through path and floating rotor design create a very low pressure drop at maximum flow.

Production Line:

Flange size: 1” ÷ 16”;

Max. Flow rate: 2.000 m3/h

Max. pressure: 150 bar;

Max. temperature: 250 °C.

Max. Viscosity: 50.000 cP.

Materials of Construction: A broad range of materials are available to meet customer application requirements.

Wide Range of Accessories: A complete line of accessories are available to meet a broad range of applications.

Conformity with International Standards: PED, ATEX, OIML R117, ISO 9001, ISO 14001.

International Approvals for Fiscal Applications: CEE Approval, Indonesian Approval (MIGAS), Russian Approval, Nigerian Approval (DPR), Chinese Approval (CPA).

Floating Type Rotors: Rotors never touch each other but are synchronized by timing gears mounted outside the measuring chamber. Rotors are not therefore subject to wear and PD flowmeter does not need re-calibration with time due to wearing.

Magnetic transmission: sealing between the wetted parts and the dry parts of the PD flowmeter is of static type, and this fully guarantees against any leakage of the flowing liquid.


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