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Wireless Data Acquisition

TEDIASENS (wireless sensor network)

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drahtlose Datenbertragung 
Wireless Data Acquisition (DAQ) by TEDIASENS allows to record signals from a sensor network such as vibration and acceleration sensors placed at different measurement locations. Furthermore the data is sampled synchronously and transmitted wireless at high speed, which is called wireless synchronous sensor network. The single sensor node (SN-X) includes three ports which are sampled simultaneously with 24 bit and up to 13 kSps. Additionally there is a node version with integrated industrial acceleration sensors (SN-I) to be affixed directly to the object to be measured. The power supply of the sensor nodes is done by mains of an accumulator which allows typically 7-9 hours of continuous measurement. The WLAN data transmission works with an access point (AP). Setting of the nodes and data analysis can be done by the use of our GUI software running on PC or laptop.



Wireless data acquisition node for external sensors:
TEDIASENS SN-X is used to simultaneously sample up to three physical signals such as vibration and acceleration. The sensors are connected by means of BNC, LEMO, ... connectors and can be supplied with IEPE (ICP) excitation. Further more the inputs can be coupled AC or DC and the input range can be programmed to 1 V resp. 10 V. With a dynamic of 24 bit, a signal to noise ratio of -109,5dB (RMS, broadband) and a maximum sampling rate of 13 kHz TEDIASENS SN-X can solve multiple measurement problems without cable and minimal setup effort



Wireless data acquisition node with internal acceleration sensor:
TEDIASENS SN-I is a miniaturized and specialized version of TEDIASENS SN-X. It is completely wireless by means of embedded 3D industrial acceleration sensors which allow multiple measurement application especially in the field of vibration, mechanical oscillation and modal analysis. The mechanical dimensions of the product are 40 x 40 x 82 mm? and it reaches a measurement accuracy of 1 mg (peak-peak) in the bandwidth from DC or 1 Hz to 8 kHz. The other specifications are similar to TEDIASENS SN-X


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