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Lab systems

Benchtop laser driver / laser controller DYNALASE-ULC

Fast diode laser driver and laser controller for laboratory set-ups


         Easy operation of different lsaer diodes

          Very fast, analog modulation capability  (100 MHz (-3dB))

          High output current (up to 3.0 A)

         Precise control of the laser diode temperature 

         Easy integration into optical set-ups due to compatibility with standard breadboard mountings (rods, posts, etc.)

Set-up of the laser driver system

         Universal controller for all driver versions

         TO driver version for mounting laser diodes in TO packge (9 mm, 5.6 mm und 3.8 mm in diameter)

         BF driver version for mounting laser diodes in 14 pin butterfly package

         Analog output stage allows generation of arbitrary waveforms such as sine waves, puls pattern, chirp signals, etc.

         Monitoring and parameterization of the system can be done from a PC via remote control

Functions of the controller unit

         User-Interface for monitoring and changing system parameters

         Offset adjustement to add a bias to the applied modulation signal

         Limit adjustment for the maximum output current of the driver (independent of applied modulation signal)

         Detection of the connected driver version

         Temperature control loop processing

         Power supply

Functions of the laser driver unit

         Laser diode mount (TO or Butterfly)

         High performance pump current source (the actual laser driver)

         Safety funtions to avoid damage to the laser diodes

         Active and passive temperature control componentes (TEC, thermistor, heat sink)

Supported laser diodes

The TO versions of the DYNALASE driver units can be equipped with all common laser diodes in TO packages with 5.6 mm and 9 mm in diameter. Also we offer a version with a different mount for 3.8 mm packages.

The drivers can not only be used with red and infra-red diodes, but also with UV and blue diodes with forward voltages up to 7.5 V.


         ML520G72 - Mitsubishi - 500 mW - 638 nm - TO 5.6 mm

         PL T4 NSB - Osram OS - 50 mW - 450 nm - TO 38 Icut

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