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SCP1000/2000 Shaft Speed Switches

  ? Single or double relay setpoint(s)
  ? Failsafe operation 
  ? Built-in start delay
  ? Selectable under-speed or over-speed 
  ? Setpoint ranges: 1-100 and 10-1,000 rpm
  ? Visual setpoint adjustment with digital accuracy
  ? Class I, Div I (C, D) Class II, Div I (E, F, G)


SCP Series Switches are ideal for applications where speed indication for alarm and shutdown purposes is critical for safe and efficient equipment operation. The SCP1000 (single relay) and SCP2000 (single or double relay) feature rotary dials for precise setpoint adjustment and can be completely calibrated with the machinery at rest. Digital circuitry provides high accuracy, repeatability, and reliability. They are the industry standard for protecting bucket elevators, fans, airlocks, mixers, or virtually any rotating shaft, including overspeed sensing requirements.


PTU-1000 Test Unit
The PTU Test Unit can be used with the SCP Speed Switch to verify shaft speed or to simulate any unwanted condition for test purposes. Each SCP1000 and SCP2000 is equipped with a portable test jack for use with the PTU-1000. 


Optional Mounting Magnet: MM-2.00
? No Drilling or Tapping Required!
? For use with the EZ-SCP Mounting Bracket only


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