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External ballasts for SOLIBA tilt level switches


For the SOLIBA tilt level switch for bulk solids, the ballast is proposed in option. Thanks to its +/- 10? tilting agle, the SOLIBA tilt level switch detects accurately the arrival of grains, cereals, powders, pellets, etc., without the need of a ballast on the cable.

However, if there is big distance between the high level fixation point of the cable and the SOLIBA tilt switch, a certain space should be available for the tilting mechanism to work properly. This is most likely the case in restricted-space grain bulk storage zones and silos. In fact, if there is not enough space available for the SOLIBA to tilt, the device might be blocked against the silo wall and can end up being buried in the grain.

For this specific case we recommend an adjustable ballast on the cable that would work as tilting point of the device, allowing a quicker and more accurate tilting cycle. Besides, the ballast adds some weight to the SOLIBA unit and allows it to remain in a better vertical position. This is particularly interesting when there´s much air flow inside the silos or bulk storage zones.

ATMI offers you several types of ballasts: Loaded resin ballasts (250g and 350g) and specially its "Clip" type ballasts (275g) and removable ballasts (220g) that can be fixed on the cable at any time.

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