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External ballasts for Floats Switches



They fix the rotation point of the float switch.
They allow the float switch to adapt to eventual liquid turbulences.
They allow the float switch to work in a wide range of densities. For higher densities, other than the ones indicated on the technical data sheets, additional ballasts should be installed.
They are easily adjustable on the cable, specially the removable and "clip" type ballasts that can be added at any time
in existing installations.
The external ballasts ensure a very accurate level measurement !
ATMI offers you several types of ballasts:

Loaded resin ballasts (175g, 250g et 350g)
Plastic ballasts (200g)
Stainless steel ballasts (230g)
"Clip" type ballasts (275g) and removable ballasts (220g) that can be fixed on the cable at any time

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