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The SOLIBA is a tilt level switch for bulk solids located in non-hazardous areas. It has been designed to provide high level measurement in silos or any other type of storage containers. Its operation is very simple: Vertically suspended at the desired high level point, the SOLIBA will tilt as the grain reaches the unit. To secure your facilities at a minimum cost, the installation of a SOLIBA high level mechanical tilt level switch is strongly recommended, even if your facilities are already equipped with other types of equipment such as: rotating paddles, vibrating forks, radars, capacitive and ultrasonic sensors, etc.


Economical device, easy to install, easy to use
Robust construction, no risk of burial or clogging, even in low-density grains such as soy, sunflower, oats, and barley
Enhanced resistance to dust: IP 6X. The operation of the SOLIBA tilt level switch is not affected even when the device is completely covered with dust !
Energy saving: The SOLIBA tilt level switch only operates when the high level is reached, unlike other types of level measurement devices that operate permanently
Ecological tilt level switch (no mercury, no lead)


Grains and cereals: oats, sunflower, barley, soybean, rice, wheat, corn, sunflower, etc.
Animal food: for pets, for birds and poultry, for cattle, etc.
Powders: flou, sugar, cement, etc.
Other bulk solids: granules, stones, minerals, sawdust, pellets, etc.
High level measurement of silos, bins, hoppers, bulk storage zones, etc.
High level alarm (sound our light)


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