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Angle Heads


Catalogue "Driven Toolholders

for CNC Turning Machines"



Driven Toolholders for CNC Machining Centers 

Angle Drilling Heads and Cutter Heads


mimatic? has been a reliable partner in project planning and the supply of precision tools worldwide for many years in the field of chip removing production.

In addition to toolholding systems and cutting tools, the company also provides driven tools for both CNC lathes and CNC machining centers to solve customer-specific problems with chip removal.

The company has provided many special purpose solutions for angle heads and cutter heads since its foundation in 1974. In doing so, mimatic has always placed special emphasis on maximum precision, power transmission, operating safety and quality.

We ensure close cooperation with our customers worldwide, providing advice on all machining problems - even on-site. We realize and implement our solutions on the basis of our comprehensive standard program or by means of customer-specific special developments and designs.

Our new standard program of angle head tools provides our customers with the means for complete, integrated machining. It is now no longer necessary to repeatedly relocate tools, which means a considerable reduction in production costs, rationalization and the increase in flexibility over the entire production process.





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