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Applications & Solutions


Converting as used in this context is the treatment of running webs of base materials such as plastic and metal foils, films, paper, carton,non-wovens/fleece,rubber,composites and technical textiles


Paper Industry

The HAEHNE force measurement technology accompanies practically the whole process line paper from pulp to the finished rolls and blanks.


Steel/Metal Industry

The HAEHNE has a special competence in the process lines of steel, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals especially as it relates to strip tension measurement and control in the area us of strip processing lines, cold rolling mills but also in rolling force measurement.


Textile Industry

The aggressive media which accompany the process line "textile" in conjunction with high temperatures offer special challenges for web tension measurement technology.



The tension forces present in wire drawing and wire processing range from a few newtons in case of soft and thin copper wires to several kN in stranding machines for high strength wire ropes.


Tire Industry

The calendaring of steel cord and textile cord material web material is a continuous process which is generally buffered by a looper. In these production facilities it is necessary that web tension remains constant for trouble-free operation.


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